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A good scientist is a person with original ideas. A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few original ideas as possible (F. J. Dyson).


Biogas Plant Projects


INTE.CO. Engineering offers customers operations in the agricultural field, organic waste disposal, and plant engineering expertise. The company relies on the collaboration of Krieg & Fisher Engenieure GmbH, a leading German office for 20 years, which has been constructing plants for the production of biogas and searching for new solutions for the exploitation of renewable energy sources to produce green energy.

For each project, we first study biomass and quantities available, then develop the project phases, work with the client to select size, technical details and choice of installers. We offer a complete package "ad hoc," not based on a catalogue or pre-determined choices. The aim is to construct a plant at the lowest cost, while taking into account investment and economic return and  any  management issues once the plant is finished.

A wide range of experience with a wide range of clients allows us to offer a complete set of services.

  • Preliminary studies of biomass: type of plant, type of animal or organic waste, amount of available input and possible supply problems, location of building site. We are also available to arrange visits to other plants designed by INTE.CO. and Krieg & Fisher to allow our customers direct contact with production of energy from renewable sources.
  • Development of the project using most suitable technology: gasification process (thermophilic or mesophyll) based on input selected; one-stage or two-stage type plant.
  • Calculation of construction costs, draft detailed budget, study investment plan, report on payback of investment according to government incentives.
  • Preparation of necessary documentation for public and private funding; analysis of most advantageous mortgage or loan offer.
  • Project planning, including lead time and start-up
  • Design and structural calculations
  • Obtain authorizations for construction: provide necessary documentation attesting to the validity, safety, and lack of negative environmental impact, as well as various authorizations for the construction of the building.
  • INTE.CO. Engineering has a thorough knowledge of regulation in the field of civil and industrial engineering, public and private; we have also dealt with different fully equipped plants, and are aware of the bureaucracy necessary to complete projects involving renewable energy sources. Therefore we are able to explain all procedures and present documentation required for construction of biogas plants.
  • Contractor Selection: based on experience with various contractors, we ensure the highest quality at a low cost.
  • Produce accounting ledgers, including material control and supply costs
  • Optimization of efficiency throughout phases: biogas performance and quality control checks, and necessary improvement of materials and/or digestion times.
  • Provide compliance documents


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