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La differenza fra la genialità e la stupidità è che la genialità ha dei limiti (A.Einstein).


Planning phase


Biogas plant planning is not so simple: before being able to develop the project from the technical and structural point of view it is necessary a detailed series of data such as:

  • type of biomass that we want to use
  • amount of biomass available
  • biomass supply chain (growing, distance , storing, etc.).
  • use of the heat produced
  • pasteurisation of biomass
  • automation system

Based on data provided by the client about his agricultural , livestock and food products, our study may establish features of the plant and in particular:

  • the amount of gas generate from biomass
  • power of the co- generator
  • size of the fermenter
  • flowchart
  • plant layout
  • calculation of construction costs

The biomass will also determines not only the most appropriate process but also the selection of digester or mixers:

  • mesophilic or thermophilic process
  • fermentation in one or two stages
  • type of mixer
  • type of power supply of heat
  • fermentation in wet or dry

The result of the choice between the various options determines the quantity of time of the substrate in the fermenter , the yield of biogas and the type of digester built.

Any solution will be discuss with the client in order to let him manage after the plant constantly and independently.


How we work

Biogas plant

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