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Planning phase


Team structure

The professional structure of each unit, including tasks, functions and main responsibilities, for the preliminary, final and executive design project is as following :

Coordinator of the Design: organizes and manages the assignment; plans  and  co-ordinates the design work with the managers of the operative units; studies the work with the safety co-ordination manager and with project management & control section in the design phase; function as 'formal interface’ with the client, and when necessary with the local authorities.

Head of Project Management & Control: ensures that procedures and protocols of quality are respected according to the specific criteria and processes; programs and plans inspection and manages possible non- compliance issues; manages the design plan according to time, regarding the tasks and resources assigned; evaluates the impact possible changes in  project details may have on the overall plan.

Managers of the Specialized Operative Units: studies design solutions and defines details; coordinates the activities in respect to the entire plan and schedule; co-ordinates the activities with that of the other managers; verifies the technical validity of the design produced by the staff; works alongside the coordinator of the design when necessary, in meetings both with the client and with suppliers.



The preliminary, final and executive design of the work is defined by continuous coordination and meetings with the client, after a careful study of the site and regulations.

In the executive project all the work is engineered, including every architectural, structural and plant engineering aspect, which will be developed with particular attention to regulations.  The groups will be co-ordinated by the sole manager of the project. Conformity with the planned objectives will be continuously verified by  testing and re-examination.

The structural design, along with the geological/geotechnical evaluation of the site, provides the elements necessary in order to begin the project.

The executive architectural design, which takes into account structural design, guarantees respect of technical, aesthetical and functional characteristics.

The plant engineering design prioritizes  the reduction of energy consumption  and increased simplicity regarding maintenance of the structure, paying particular attention to the use of renewable energies.

Planning of the activities of the project

The professional structure mentioned above possesses the operative resources necessary to develop the design in the time allotted by the project management plan. Moreover, additional resources or external specialists can be integrated from different sectors in order to remain within allowed time limit and confront any issue that may occur.

Support activities

Coordinators and technical area managers are available for meetings and presentations of the project to third parties. During the approval stage, the staff will answer in writing any queries regarding the design. They are available to draw up points of view, and/or introduce modifications or integrations to the work, without extra charge added.


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