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La differenza fra la genialità e la stupidità è che la genialità ha dei limiti (A.Einstein).


Management phase


Operative Structure

The organizational model that INTE.CO. Engineering has developed meets with a precise and flexible operative scheme, according to the needs of multidisciplinary assignments. The organizational structure is adapted specifically to guarantee the necessary professionalism and to reduce each phase of decision-making as much as possible.


The tasks and responsibilities of each role are as follows:


Executive Design Coordinator and Controller

In the early stage, the task is to manage the design team in every aspect; to review the conceptual design and to collaborate in planning the details of the design; to verufy the details  for the technical and operational needs of the construction site; to review such data in specific meetings with the design team, outlining it for the papers that will be produced; to make any necessary changes, based on the operational needs of construction work.



Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for the organization, co-ordination and checking of the operative management, and the formal interface with the client and the site manager; plans the construction of the works with the site manager through a work timeline chart , providing any changes to guarantee time management, based on surveys received by other experts; collaborates in the research of suppliers and sub-contractors including checking the economical and financial aspects and the technical and professional suitability; in charge of opening order meetings with all key figures, with the aim of defining priorities of the project, programming urgent purchases in time; records every decision and provides a copy to key figures.


In summary, the Project Manager will also have the following tasks:

  •  supervise and coordinate executive jobs
  •  maintain all necessary contacts with local authorities and the institutions concerned
  •  before work starts, arrange papers from all the different subjects and offices directly or indirectly involved in the project
  •  coordinate the weekly schedule of works
  •  check the progress of each step and organize meetings to review contracts and details through reports
  •  contribute to the analysis, control, and management of health and safety at work
  •  carry out tests on materials, un-finished products , manufacturing of construction and deadlines
  •  fill of all the requirements decided by environmental regulation for earth and rock excavation, including the obligation to maintain the register of loading and unloading of waste materials
  •  prepare the static testing
  •  check accounting of works and construction progress report.

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